From the Moon to Saturn - Mike Donati

From the Moon to Saturn

By Mike Donati

  • Release Date: 2017-04-01
  • Genre: BD et mangas


Discover the best space adventures of Selfi and Rocky, the rover martian! The young pilot Selfi try the new shuttle built by Mr Blomsberry around the Moon and it's a success! The Lunar base, directed by Captain Nicholl receive the shuttle and the wining team: Selfi, Mr Bloomsberry and Rocky. The Captain explain the next mission in solar system: Saturne and his rings ! 22 pages in color.
A young team prepares for a wonderful trip in the solar system with a new anti-gravity motor shuttle: the XFLR! Built in Nice by Thomas Bloomsberry, this shuttle defies gravity and space travel. Selfi Radiggan, young pilot of the aeronautics, was called in this adventure in command of the spaceship. A new adventure assisting these pioneers: confront their ultimate destiny through the immensity of the solar system!